The Zoo Lake Users Committee NPC

Tax Deduction


he Zoo Lake Users Committee NPC has been registered by SARS as a Public Benefit Organisation. All donations paid by a South African taxpayer to the Company may be deducted from the taxable income of the taxpayer. Thus any donation made by a tax payer will reduce the tax of the taxpayer for the tax year in which the donation is made. This is provided that the donation is made to further the aims and objectives that the Company seeks to achieve.

If a donor wishes to make a donation to the Company, we would need to record certain details of the donor. Those details would be reflected on the tax certificate that the Company would issue to the donor. The taxpayer must submit the certificate to SARS in order to qualify for the deduction from the donor's taxable income.

Alternatively the donor may wish to remain anonymous. In this case the donor may chose to click on the link provided above the form to make an anonymous donation via an EFT payment.

To access the donation form and the details that are required, please click on the "Donate Now" button below.